Meet the Officers


Name? Shane

Position? President

What are you studying? I studied business, economics, law, and computer programming before switching to study environmental science so I have learned many different fields of study.

Any hobbies? Skiing, hiking, and camping for fun. Cleaning up nature and removing invasive weeds from ecosystems also is a pastime of mine.

Why  ETF? To try to get the campus more involved in taking care of the environment around campus and in the surrounding community.


Name? Humon

Position? Vice-President

What are you studying? Environmental Science

Any hobbies? I longboard, garden and I play the clarinet

Why  ETF? I like the people in ETF and I support the goals and principles of ETF


Name? Sidney

Position? Treasurer

What are you studying? TBA

Any hobbies? TBA



Name? Alexis

Position? Secretary

What are you studying? Biochem

Any hobbies? I enjoy board games/writing

Why  ETF? It’s just a fun group to be with and they do environmental work which is of interest to me

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