Great meeting, check out pics of the Greenhouse planting!

It was nice seeing you all at our first meeting, those who were present and signed up for a Team, you should be hearing from your Team leader fairly soon, if you haven’t already! Our next general body meeting is March 9th at NOON in Commons 328. If you would like to host a table with us on at noon March 2nd just email your Team leader and let he/she know you’re interested – a final email regarding that will be going out in a few weeks!

For those who missed our first meeting this Monday, this semester we have four teams completing different service projects. Read below to find out some introductory information on the teams, and know that you can certainly sign up for more than one team:
Team Air, led by Sheena (afoakwa1@umbc.edu) will be collaborating with Team Water and Eco-Ambassadors for the remainder of February and the first weeks of March due to the winter weather. Then starting in late march, they will be volunteering with Patapsco Heritage Greenway completing tree plantings and stream cleanups.

Team Water, led by Arielle (limari1@umbc.edu) will be adopting a stream on campus and maintaining its quality, as well as visiting the Baltimore Aquarium and participating in conservation events.

Team Earth, led by Jasmine (jasmin4@umbc.edu) will be meeting monthly; as well as working together to maintain our food plot within the UMBC Garden as need be.

Team Fire, led by Humon (humonh1@umbc.edu) will be working together to plan, collaborate and assist in service projects and events.

ETF is always looking for ambitious students who feel that they can take on a leadership position. If you want a more hands-on role in the organization then join Team Fire, email Humon if interested.

First Meeting Tomorrow (02/09)!

We have a lot of fun service projects planned for the Spring. Join us tomorrow at NOON in Commons 328 for brownies, cupcakes and tea as we get pumped for the semester! Meetings are on the second Monday of every month, so don’t miss this first one. We will be sharing information about the organization, as well as how YOU can get involved.

Join our myUMBC group

Great Meeting Everyone!

Thank you to all who could make it, it was great hearing your insightful ideas for new service projects next semester.

Follow our myUMBC group, and the UMBC Sustainability blog too. Don’t forget to take the Green Pledge, if you haven’t already! If you need an extra, repeatable class then consider adding Edu 299 “Save our Trees“. Lastly, check out these Patapsco Heritage internship positions; if interested, email Betsy McMillion at patapscofriend@gmail.com for more information.

Our next ETF meeting will be Mon. Oct 13 at NOON in Commons 318! We will have meetings on the second Monday of every month.
This semester our officers Jasmine, Arielle and Sheena will be individually leading 3 different service projects that you can volunteer for. Those that were at today’s meeting and signed up for a team will be receiving an email from each of us within the next week containing information concerning service dates, carpooling details, etc.

Those that were not at the meeting:

Sheena (afoakwa1@umbc.edu) will be leading Team Air, which is the Patapsco Heritage Greenway service project. Members who sign up with me will be cleaning watersheds, removing invasive English ivy from trees at CCBC, and planting/providing maintenance for trees within parts of the Patapsco Valley State Park. Service dates and times for this team have already been confirmed, but we will need to discuss carpooling.
Arielle (limari1@umbc.edu) will be leading Team Water, which is the UMBC Stream adoption and maintenance service project. Members who sign up with her are encouraged to take a Stream Watcher Training workshop where they will learn how to properly clean and look out for water quality problems in one of the streams within the UMBC campus. Allegedly, these streams haven’t been cleaned in about 3 years.
Jasmine (jasmin4@umbc.edu) will be leading Team Earth, which is the maintenance of our food plot in the UMBC Garden located by the UMBC police station. Members who sign up with her will be provided with all the necessary tools to upkeep our food plot. They will make periodic trips up to the Garden throughout the semester. The food grown from the Garden will be used by the UMBC community.
If you were not at the meeting today, you can sign up for all or one project by emailing the respective team leader as soon as you can. To remain an Element (active ETF member) you must attend 3 service projects, 2 meetings and 1 social event. If you do this, you’ll receive plenty of nice perks and a FREE T-SHIRT 🙂